Google offers downloadable books!

Regardless of the still outstanding legal issues raised by publishers protecting their existing business models, Google is forging ahead quickly in making its Book Search initiative more and more useful. As reported by Bloomberg, based on an email exchange with Google, they have just added the possibility to download full copies of books that are …

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Open Source Marketing manifesto

Ok. So ChangeThis kindly sent me the “blogger’s preview” edition of their manifestos. One of them this time is especially interesting, as it talks about “Open Source Marketing”, and yes, it is worth blogging. But, as the manifesto is in PDF, I am actually not pointing to it, but I invite other people to download …

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Lexical analysis of debates lets the memes shine through

The Osservatorio of Pavia publishes the report of a lexical analysis of the US Presidential debates (pdf), that represents the words used on a very clear graph of Simple-Complex and Rational-Emotional axes. The frequency of the words used, and their grouping into clusters of meaning let the authors of the report show the main themes …

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