Computer Languages

Originally very close to the machine, now computer programming languages take advantage of multiple layers of abstraction and make developers very productive. Various approaches that reflect the needs of the time are developed and adopted. Object oriented programming, integrated development environments, testing and deployment suits. With time, through the decades, we’ve become able to produce […]

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Quantum Computing

Quantum computers have been under development for decades. Are they about to start delivering on their promise? Jolting technologies, where the acceleration is increasing, can burst onto the scene very suddenly. The quantum phenomena, on which the new architectures are based, needed a long time to be understood and applied. We are still in the

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Grand challenges for engineering in the next 100 years

On Feb 15 the voting for the ‘Grand Challenges For Engineering in the next 100 years‘ is going to start. This is the contribution I wrote for the discussion there: Atomic scale assembly, and programmable matter… A better understanding of quantum mechanics, and the software capable of exploiting it will give us unparalleled power over

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