Technology Gives Form to our Moral Ambitions

In the thousands of years that we have built human societies we haven’t become better people. But still, there have been common decisions that we can doubtlessly call morally superior: outlawing slavery, child labor, and many others. The difference is represented by technology, whose development gives rise to new levels of understanding what is possible. …

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I Believe in Heterodoxy

A naturalistic outlook offers the thrill of an unending exploration. The tools of science and reason have evolved to explore and understand the world and ourselves. We don’t know everything, but we are learning every day. I believe in this quest. I also believe that it is useful to test audacious hypotheses and that the …

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Can You Change My Mind?

Self-awareness, and introspection are uniquely evolved human capabilities. Recognizing our own identity and states of mind brings us to question how well we are coping with our challenges. A dogmatic attitude will rigidly pretend that all is well, that all assumptions are valid, and that there is no need to worry. A more thoughtful and …

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