Living with Bots

Are you worried about bots, and spam accounts and fake accounts on the various social media platforms? You could decide that this worry should be translated into some kind of eradication of the bots problem, but I want to argue that the opposite is true. We must welcome bots, and learn to live together with […]

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What do you do when you have to speak at two conferences in distant cities at the same time? If you are me, you hire a mime, and stick an iPad on his head, to be your remote body. Telepresence helps in many ways, amplifying our interactions through space and time. From robotic surgeries, to

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Artificial intelligence and food

The applications of artificial intelligence to food are helping to develop better solutions for our nutrition. And provide creative recipes, too! Artificial intelligence (AI) is the area of computer science applying advanced techniques to solving problems that are inspired by the capabilities of human cognition. Having been born practically together with our information technology 60

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The Singularity University launches to prepare for humanity’s grand challenges

With help from Google, and NASA, the Singularity University is being unveiled today. Founded by Ray Kurzweil, and Peter Diamandis, the objective of the Singularity University is that of preparing humanity to best face its challenges, using the tools that the accelerating technological change makes possible. These tools don’t emerge spontaneously from the background noise

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The Amazon Mechanical Turk that represents a potential revolution

Amazon has just announced the Amazon Mechanical Turk, which in my opinion will bring great advantages to both the web, and to a lot of people, potentially representing the livelihood of millions soon. The AMT is a web interface linking meatspace with cyberspace at the backend. We are accustomed to seeing people in front of

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Unbounded memetic landscape

John Battelle is asking for comments on his vision of a world with Perfect Search. Well, the world of the Perfect Search would not be interesting. Asimov was great in exploring in his “I Robot” short stories the shortcomings and unintended consequences of his own laws. I can much more easily imagine someone building a

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For the record

I like a lot, but their choice of what to save sometimes differs from mine: I’d rather take a snapshot of what the homepage of looks like right now… robocup-homepage Originally uploaded by david.orban.

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