Triumph and Tragedy of Brexit

It has been decided only by a slim majority of the voters, but the fact that Brexit can happen peacefully, within the framework of the EU’s agreements, is itself a triumph. Nation States are under the simultaneous forces of amalgamation from above, and of decentralization from below. They are resisting, but can’t efficiently resort to …

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YPO London 2017

I was part of the panel at the YPO Conference in London on November. Here’s the audio and the transcript of my talk.     Making sense of the themes, the technologies, the changes that we are presenting to you is definitely not easy. It’s our objective to give you not only information, but really …

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SHiFT puts Portugal’s startup scene in touch with the World

I was speaking this week at SHiFT08 in Lisbon. This conference has been put together by a group of volunteers led by Pedro Custodio, with passion, joy, and a lot of creativity. For smaller, and relatively isolated markets like Portugal, these are excellent, and very important opportunities to make sure that their startup culture is …

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