Mental Health

We must be alert to each other, and make sure human relationships, augmented by technology, allow us to nurture our mental health. Talking about mental health must become as natural and widespread as talking about. Mental health is a delicate subject that we are not accustomed to address.

There are a lot of biases around the topic, and too many of us are not ready to understand that we may be in a state of imperfect mental health. It’s natural in reality to think that it is not perfect. But also at the same time that it can be improved if we are ready to work on it.

My favorite ad in NYC said, now the building has been repainted and it’s gone, “Depression is a flaw in chemistry, not character”. Whether you adopt behavioral therapy, chemical help, meditation, or a combination of all, it is still fundamental to know that human relations are there too, alert friends, family members, whose empathy and support are fundamental for our wellbeing.