Interoperable Online Human Relationships

Email, short form videos, infographics illustrate the role of interoperability in the future of online human relationships There is a subtle but important connection that links three apparently different digital phenomena: The email newsletter, which has re-emerged recently as an important, fundamental communications method after we thought social media would dominate; the surprising popularity of

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AI-powered startup coaching with Actioneer

Actioneer is a new AI-powered startup coaching platform seeking to make high-quality advice and mentorship affordable and accessible to founders globally, helping unlock entrepreneurship and enable more people to find solutions, create jobs/wealth, and design exciting, satisfying lives. Passionate and talented people are everywhere in the world. They apply their talents to solving the problems

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Interview about the Singularity

I’ll be speaking at a conference in the Italian city of Roverero about the Technological Singularity and I have been interviewed for a local newspaper L’Adige. The following is a slightly edited translation of the interview. “Artificial Intelligence, the New Renaissance”By Laura Modena David Orban will be the special guest at the festival “Informatici senza

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Jolting Dynamics at NVIDIA’s Announcements

NVIDIA’s recent keynote at Computex 2023 in Taiwan showcased the power of Jolting Technologies, demonstrating the increasing rate of acceleration in the technological landscape. While exponential growth would result in a straight line on a logarithmic chart, the combination of hardware, data, and algorithms creates a steeper slope, representing the shortening doubling rate and the

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