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I just scored one through virtual conferencing!

I was attending virtually attending CES in Las Vegas, and MacWorld in San Francisco simultaneously today, and greatly enjoyed the fantastic reporting from Engadget of Steve Jobs’ announcements. You could feel the excitement growing about the “three devices” (iPod, Phone, and Internet), which were really one. Then I said to myself, let’s drop a call

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Virtually at CES 2007

Around November time each year there is a flurry of emails from my contacts to ask “Are you at CES? If so, let’s hook up!” (It used to be September, and Comdex, but now Comdex is no more, and the pattern is the same with CES, and I can safely ignore all the car-audio, and

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The ghosts of space

Remembering the heroism of our space explorers – 1 Originally uploaded by david.orban. The space museum is closed. Not just closed, but in ruin, and abandon. Russia is a leader in the commercialization of its space infrastructure, as well as everything else it has, but in the meantime it forgot to keep an eye on

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Pirates’ market

Pirates’ market Originally uploaded by david.orban. Inside this market all types of software can be found on conveniently assembled CDs or DVDs. A typical price for a CD is 100 rubles ( about 4 dollars, or 3 euro), independently of the content. You can find the latest releases of Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007,

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