Is Space Tourism Worth it?

With the launch of the suborbital flights of Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin there have been a lot of online and offline conversations around how society should look at these initiatives, positively or negatively. They do represent a good example to evaluate the interactions and the implications of allocating private wealth, and driving a common […]

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Something new? AIs and us

It is tempting to align oneself with the wisdom of the “nihil novum sub sole” (there is nothing new under the sun) stance. But once in a while there are truly new things around us, and it is crucially important to recognize them and to be able to properly understand them. The forthcoming era of

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The Amazon Mechanical Turk that represents a potential revolution

Amazon has just announced the Amazon Mechanical Turk, which in my opinion will bring great advantages to both the web, and to a lot of people, potentially representing the livelihood of millions soon. The AMT is a web interface linking meatspace with cyberspace at the backend. We are accustomed to seeing people in front of

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Wolfram does music

When Stephen Wolfram’s long awaited book A New Kind Of Science came out, one of the challenges of reviewers, and readers alike was finding good examples of applications for the approach described. The feeling of power, and importance that the author wanted to project was often lost on those who couldn’t follow the mathematics in

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