Have you ever looked into the socks drawer of a horse? It’s full of socks in ones, twos and threes, completely useless. Did you laugh? Didn’t you? Well, that is the point. Either of those outcomes is fine.  I want to be a comedian. Do I want to be a comedian? My father was an […]

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Taking the First Step

Taking the first step is dramatic and exciting. Most of us don’t remember when we took the first step as a child, learning how to walk, but our parents probably remember it very fondly. But taking the first step is also important in any endeavor, because quite obviously any objective you have in front of

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Topic Extraction

Flooded by increasing amounts of data, we need ever more evolved tools to be able to interpret them and to act upon them. Artificial Intelligence tools, based on natural language processing, image recognition using neural networks, and via many other approaches, are assisting us to understand the information, including what we ourselves produce. Today computer

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Technology Adoption

The rate of technology adoption changes based on individual preferences and social norms. Accelerating and jolting technologies force an increasing rate of adoption, that put a pressure on individuals and societies to confront the limits that they imposed on themselves. But technology is so useful, that even those who hate it, use it. The precautionary

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Human Networks

With modern technology platforms, the networks of connections that we can leverage go way beyond the limits of our biological and social evolution, the original circle of contacts in a village. The Dunbar Number of 150 meaningful connections may increase, augmented by the power of social networks and both synchronous and asynchronous channels of communication.

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