Becoming a Grandfather

A month ago, I became a grandfather. I am very happy! This is the start of what I would call the completion of my genetic duty. Congratulations to Jacopo and Sara, and welcome Emily! The role of grandparents plays an important foundation in human society. It frees up the parents either for a precious few […]

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When a Friend Dies

My friend Scott Mize died last week from the consequences of a stroke that he received while walking around San Francisco a few days earlier. Maybe because we die for the first time, breaking a chain of life billions of years long, it is shocking. Or maybe my life is particularly lucky, and with the

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Living In The Cloud

The migration of our lives into the Cloud has accelerated lately, and it is not at all to the detriment of our physical experiences. We need simplicity, in order to face a complex world, and certainly to me this world appears to getting really complex. The unified access to what concerns us, what interests us,

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