Bitcoin Improves the Sovereignty of Nations

Bitcoin and mining are going to deliver an increased degree of sovereignty, not only to individuals, but to entire nations. Bitcoin and mining are going to deliver an increased degree of sovereignty, not only to individuals, but to entire nations. Today, we are living in an energy financial system that is unsustainable, it must and […]

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AI’s Astonishing Progress

What are the highlights of Artificial Intelligence development in the past year or so? I define Artificial Intelligence as a Jolting Technology. Rather than a constant rate of doubling, like the two years of Moore’s Law, AI progresses with a shrinking rate of doubling. Its rate of acceleration is increasing. Stanford University with Open AI a

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The Internet of Things

For the past several decades we have been digitizing our information flow, and lately we have started digitizing the world at large interconnecting things that are digital by themselves, and are able to act on the world. This complementary network of networks is the Internet of Things, which is now poised to change the world.

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Season Finale

When I started recording The Context several years ago, based on an idea and a conversation with my friend Massimo Curatella in Rome, I didn’t imagine that I would keep going with the determination, and the frequency that I found myself being able to deliver. It has been a wonderful experience, and I want to

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Human Networks

With modern technology platforms, the networks of connections that we can leverage go way beyond the limits of our biological and social evolution, the original circle of contacts in a village. The Dunbar Number of 150 meaningful connections may increase, augmented by the power of social networks and both synchronous and asynchronous channels of communication.

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Dangerous Demagoguery

Our decreasing ability to interpret the world makes us insecure, anguished, and vulnerable. If we meet somebody who says “Don’t worry. Yes, there are a lot of things that you don’t know. The world is dangerous, but I have the answers. It doesn’t matter how complex the world appears. I have simple answers to the problems that you

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The Context

I’m launching a new video series, entitled The Context, to give a deeper understanding of the implications of current events, and technologies shaping the world. The first episode is about Libra. Welcome to The Context this week. We are going to look at what is the context for Libra, the digital payment system announced by

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Technology generates the society of the future

In an interview with Bruno Ruffilli for TuttoScienze of La Stampa, we talked about how technological progress can generate new degrees of freedom. “Technology, a misunderstood friend” Orban: it’s generating the society of the future by Bruno Ruffilli David Orban, 53, Hungarian, is a teacher at the Singularity University, which assists companies in the path

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