Policies and Monopolies

When new technologies emerge, it is always an important question: what can we do for the market to fully express itself? If regulators need to intervene in order to make sure that the market is healthy, with a plurality of players competing in order to provide the best possible service to those that use the […]

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Digital Governance

In the 21st century, all regulations and all governance should either be or aim to be digital, as soon as possible. What does that mean? What are the implications? What is the context of regulations and governance being digital? We went through digital transformations many times. It started with the first computers in the fifties

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Dangerous Demagoguery

Our decreasing ability to interpret the world makes us insecure, anguished, and vulnerable. If we meet somebody who says “Don’t worry. Yes, there are a lot of things that you don’t know. The world is dangerous, but I have the answers. It doesn’t matter how complex the world appears. I have simple answers to the problems that you

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Excessive regulation of drones is hindering the development of innovative applications

A new technology needs breathing space, in order to blossom into multiple interesting applications. It looks like drones are being instead suffocated under the weight of excessive regulation, which will delay their development. At least that is the strongest message from Drone Expo, which was held in Bergamo, Italy on May 17-18, 2015. The conversations were

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Endorsing Barack Obama

The changes necessary to keep our societies aligned with the needs of a desirable future can only be accomplished by those who belong to that future. Barack Obama is a choice for a desirable future. It also helps that, according to the Washington Post’s political compass survey, my views are strongly aligned with his. The

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