Ukraine Will Win

Russia’s attack against Ukraine in an attempt to invade and control it, is the largest conflict in Europe since World War Two. There are countries that believe to be far enough to be able to ignore it, or to take a balanced stance without taking sides. They are wrong. In today’s globally interconnected world, these […]

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Improve the News

I recorded this episode of “The Context” on the day that Russia invaded Ukraine. I don’t know what will happen in the next few days, but it’s guaranteed that there will be a lot of confusion, and our ability to make sense of the world will also depend on the kind of tools that we

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The ghosts of space

Remembering the heroism of our space explorers – 1 Originally uploaded by david.orban. The space museum is closed. Not just closed, but in ruin, and abandon. Russia is a leader in the commercialization of its space infrastructure, as well as everything else it has, but in the meantime it forgot to keep an eye on

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New apartment buildings

New apartment buildings Originally uploaded by david.orban. I am told these sell for five thousand dollars per square meter. No local with a normal job can afford them of course. Even if a lot of the local salaries come from unofficial sources. The real estate market with come back to earth, but it will be

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Signs of the past

Signs of the past Originally uploaded by david.orban. The lingering signs of the communist era express the physical difficulty of parting with the past: be it monuments that praise principles not shared anymore, crumbling public housing, now sold at astronomical prices which make Moscow one of the most expensive cities in the world to the

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Leaving for Moscow tomorrow

My russian illusions Originally uploaded by nicointhebus. I am leaving for Moscow tomorrow and will be there for the first time, spending a week mainly for business, but as usual with the hope of having some time to look around as well. Having been raised in Hungary in the ’70s, where the Russians were looked

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