Elon Musk Is Jolting

What does it mean that Elon Musk is jolting? He understands that in order to reach the ambitious missions of his companies in time, exponential change is not enough anymore. To transition humanity to renewable energy before runaway climate change creates irreversible damage, Tesla must produce cars, solar systems, batteries, in such volumes, that it …

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Upgrading The World Via Software Defined Objects

The latest generation of objects in our world acquire new capabilities without having to be redesigned and manufactured from scratch. Instead, the features we didn’t know they could have are brought alive by improving the software layer that they all possess. This can be a way that our smartphone’s camera can shoot a 3D photo, …

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Cars on the Tesla Network will generate $20K per year for ten years according to Elon Musk. Once Full Self Driving is available, it won’t make sense selling them to you. Also, what if the real Tesla products are not cars, or systems for solar energy generation and storage, but the Gigafactories themselves? Welcome to …

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