Interoperable Online Human Relationships

Email, short form videos, infographics illustrate the role of interoperability in the future of online human relationships There is a subtle but important connection that links three apparently different digital phenomena: The email newsletter, which has re-emerged recently as an important, fundamental communications method after we thought social media would dominate; the surprising popularity of […]

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Amazing Block’s Podcast: TOKENIZING EVERYTHING!

I was interviewed for Amazing Block’s Podcast called “TOKENIZING EVERYTHING!” about accelerating Blockchain adoption. Below you can find the video and the transcription: HostWelcome to the 34th episode of Tokenizing Everything, our weekly interview series with thought leaders in the blockchain industry. Today’s guest is David Orban, managing advisor at Beyond Enterprizes. Before we begin,

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Memetic Ambitions

Memetics is the study of evolution of culture and ideas, in all their expressions. Science, technology, philosophy, all evolve, and our tools for creating, evaluating, agreeing on and implementing ideas with them. We have huge challenges ahead of us, and the best tools are science and reason to face, solve, and overcome them. It is

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Digital Governance

In the 21st century, all regulations and all governance should either be or aim to be digital, as soon as possible. What does that mean? What are the implications? What is the context of regulations and governance being digital? We went through digital transformations many times. It started with the first computers in the fifties

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Dangerous Demagoguery

Our decreasing ability to interpret the world makes us insecure, anguished, and vulnerable. If we meet somebody who says “Don’t worry. Yes, there are a lot of things that you don’t know. The world is dangerous, but I have the answers. It doesn’t matter how complex the world appears. I have simple answers to the problems that you

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Cars on the Tesla Network will generate $20K per year for ten years according to Elon Musk. Once Full Self Driving is available, it won’t make sense selling them to you. Also, what if the real Tesla products are not cars, or systems for solar energy generation and storage, but the Gigafactories themselves? Welcome to

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The Context

I’m launching a new video series, entitled The Context, to give a deeper understanding of the implications of current events, and technologies shaping the world. The first episode is about Libra. Welcome to The Context this week. We are going to look at what is the context for Libra, the digital payment system announced by

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Innovation Summit 2017

I was invited to the Innovation Summit 2017 to interview Steve Wozniak, “The Woz”. Here’s the link to the video. Below you can also find the audio of the interview and the transcript     Andrea Poggi: Thank you, Steve. Thank you for coming. Thank you, really. It’s an honor for us that you are

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