Learn to Earn

What is the value of knowledge? And how can you both acquire and then deploy knowledge in order to leverage that value, create more knowledge, create more value in a wonderful, virtuous circle? That is the basis of civilization. It has been important but difficult to measure what you could actually do with the knowledge …

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Collective Intelligence

We take advantage every day of our collective intelligence in order to keep pace with the evolution of a complex world, using the tools that civilization has built over thousands of years. These tools allowed us to organize ever larger groups of people in ways that increasingly leverage their best abilities, instead of just ordering …

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Spectrum of Abilities

We have many skills, many senses, many ways of coping with the world, absorbing the information, changing it, structuring it, and then acting on it. As our civilization evolves, the technologies that we invent and deploy complement our biological skills, with nonhuman or even superhuman abilities. There is an interesting interpretation of our fairly recent …

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