AI-powered startup coaching with Actioneer

Actioneer is a new AI-powered startup coaching platform seeking to make high-quality advice and mentorship affordable and accessible to founders globally, helping unlock entrepreneurship and enable more people to find solutions, create jobs/wealth, and design exciting, satisfying lives. Passionate and talented people are everywhere in the world. They apply their talents to solving the problems […]

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AI Progress Can’t be Stopped but Must be Managed

AI is experiencing jolting change, with advancements such as ChatGPT and GPT4, but there are limits to individual and organizational adaptability. I was invited to sign an open letter that asks to allow for deeper consideration of AI design, implementation, and regulation. Concerns include inherent bias, job displacement, pollution of the info-sphere, loss of trust

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Talking to AIs

We often imagine technology in our science fiction scenarios that is very different from what happens when it becomes available. Today, we are starting to talk about Artificial Intelligence that is not exactly like what was depicted in the Sci-Fi books we were reading decades ago. There has been an explosion of experimentation in the

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Living with Bots

Are you worried about bots, and spam accounts and fake accounts on the various social media platforms? You could decide that this worry should be translated into some kind of eradication of the bots problem, but I want to argue that the opposite is true. We must welcome bots, and learn to live together with

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Memetic Engineering

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk is a concrete step in understanding how the evolution of ideas can be turned into mathematics and mimetic engineering, which will play an increasingly fundamental role in a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies. Technology is feeding on itself. It is the expression of our understanding

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Methods and Tools for Learning in the 21st Century

Learning not only the pieces of knowledge, but the additional tools that are dearly needed in order to be active, thriving components in today’s and tomorrow’s society is key. Evidently, current academic and educational institutions are not up to the job, while gamification, Learn to Earn and other components in moving to a decentralized system

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AI’s Astonishing Progress

What are the highlights of Artificial Intelligence development in the past year or so? I define Artificial Intelligence as a Jolting Technology. Rather than a constant rate of doubling, like the two years of Moore’s Law, AI progresses with a shrinking rate of doubling. Its rate of acceleration is increasing. Stanford University with Open AI a

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