artificial intelligence

Living with AIs

Artificial intelligence is going to permeate what you do, and learning to live with it is a skill that you must acquire in order to understand the world of today and tomorrow. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has been simmering for decades and promising incredible breakthroughs described by science fiction books and movies. We …

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Jolting Creativity

Innovation is necessary for the progress of our civilization and invention is necessary in order to be able to generate new kinds of innovation. The first is the improvement of an existing process. The second is about starting on a completely novel path. We can take a look at the creativity that leads to the …

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Jolting Space!

Jolting technologies provide such a disruptive advantage, that the ability to apply them across different fields, cross contaminating and taking advantage of the increasing rate of acceleration, is irresistible. SpaceX is designing, prototyping and testing a new generation of spacecraft called Starship. Starship serial number 8, SN8, flew to the altitude of 12.5 kilometres just …

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