What do you do when you have to speak at two conferences in distant cities at the same time? If you are me, you hire a mime, and stick an iPad on his head, to be your remote body. Telepresence helps in many ways, amplifying our interactions through space and time. From robotic surgeries, to …

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Embracing Artificial Intelligence To Improve Society

There is plenty doubt regarding the role of humans in a world soon to be dominated by artificial intelligence (AI). How can we thrive if what we currently define as “jobs” will increasingly be covered by smarter (and then even smarter) computers entering our environment, workplace, and general lives? We pondered this question back when …

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Artificial intelligence and food

The applications of artificial intelligence to food are helping to develop better solutions for our nutrition. And provide creative recipes, too! Artificial intelligence (AI) is the area of computer science applying advanced techniques to solving problems that are inspired by the capabilities of human cognition. Having been born practically together with our information technology 60 …

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