Jolting Decentralization

Technological change not only accelerates. It is jolting. What are the consequences of this jolting technological change? Several years ago, I concluded decentralization was the unstoppable consequence across many different sectors. I could see that new technologies were leading in the same direction.I published. at the time the Network Society Manifesto and the Fundamental Thesis

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Social Network Paradoxes

Social networks are connecting over two billion people, soon hopefully all eight billion, and have changed the way we interact. We like to complain about them, but our positions are contradictory. We want connection limits to be lifted, but pretend that all the connections should be meaningful. Algorithmic newsfeeds appear arbitrary to us, but we

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The Workflow

When I started recording and airing The Context a few months ago, I didn’t very much know how the process would work. Yes, my team would help in the process, but it would not be clear who would do what exactly, and when. It took a lot of episodes, and persistence, to learn the steps,

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What do you do when you have to speak at two conferences in distant cities at the same time? If you are me, you hire a mime, and stick an iPad on his head, to be your remote body. Telepresence helps in many ways, amplifying our interactions through space and time. From robotic surgeries, to

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YPO London 2017

I was part of the panel at the YPO Conference in London on November. Here’s the audio and the transcript of my talk.     Making sense of the themes, the technologies, the changes that we are presenting to you is definitely not easy. It’s our objective to give you not only information, but really

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Are you ready for IPv6?

Are you ready for IPv6? Did you know you’d better soon be ready? Is your ISP, or even country ready, and do they know?! If you don’t even know what IPv6 is, you are not alone. There are billions of people who don’t know, and they shouldn’t, since this fundamental protocol, which is the latest

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Internet for peace

Internet is not just a tool. Its effects are not neutral, and symmetrical for good, or evil. There is a net drift of beneficial consequences as people gain from it in expressing creativity, transparency, and communicate freely across the globe. On November 20 the official candidacy of the Internet and the people behind its development

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