Dubai Will Transform

Dubai is like being on Mars. It is a pretty unique place that shows how a hostile environment can give rise to a thriving human community. The major difference is a force of gravity of 1.0 g rather than 0.37 g. I’m exaggerating of course. In Dubai, the air is breathable when you leave the […]

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We Are All on Mars

Isn’t it fantastic? We are all on Mars! Yes, you too! You cannot directly feel the wind of the thin atmosphere on your hand in the freezing temperature. You cannot feel the lack of oxygen by breathing in the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere or jump high under weak gravity at the red Sunrise over the

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Jolting Space!

Jolting technologies provide such a disruptive advantage, that the ability to apply them across different fields, cross contaminating and taking advantage of the increasing rate of acceleration, is irresistible. SpaceX is designing, prototyping and testing a new generation of spacecraft called Starship. Starship serial number 8, SN8, flew to the altitude of 12.5 kilometres just

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Elon Musk Is Jolting

What does it mean that Elon Musk is jolting? He understands that in order to reach the ambitious missions of his companies in time, exponential change is not enough anymore. To transition humanity to renewable energy before runaway climate change creates irreversible damage, Tesla must produce cars, solar systems, batteries, in such volumes, that it

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“Robots will colonize space, without human beings”

Robots will colonize space, without human beings There’ll be a new civilization, the sum of human intelligence and artificial intelligence, where artificial intelligence will be able to analyze a problem, identify the resources needed to deal with it, plan a strategy, adapt and improve itself to resolve the problem.” It will do this not only

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Bitcoin Mars Colony

The First Mars Colony Will Be Funded Through Bitcoin

Distributed consensus as Bitcoin’s Fundamental InnovationNew York, February 2014 Blockchain A lot of analyses concentrate on the issues of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general as a payment platform and tool, or as an investment class. Both of these as well as other uses of Bitcoin can be interesting. However everything in the recent evolution

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