Becoming a Grandfather

A month ago, I became a grandfather. I am very happy! This is the start of what I would call the completion of my genetic duty. Congratulations to Jacopo and Sara, and welcome Emily! The role of grandparents plays an important foundation in human society. It frees up the parents either for a precious few

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The Internet of Things

For the past several decades we have been digitizing our information flow, and lately we have started digitizing the world at large interconnecting things that are digital by themselves, and are able to act on the world. This complementary network of networks is the Internet of Things, which is now poised to change the world.

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Attention Management

Does it happen that someone calls you on the phone, and when they start talking you wonder why is this person even calling you? We have so many alternatives available today that can be much better than the old way of phone calls for certain interactions. The ability to use, take advantage of, and properly

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Recently I was able to observe a team member exerting real violence on software tools that he was using for completely unintended purposes. Why? Because he was familiar with them. That is when I realized even more clearly that excessive degrees of knowledge and familiarity can represent an important obstacle in an age where we

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Can Support Ever Shine?

Why is it that so many of us have negative experiences with customer support in some organizations? They don’t realize that those experiences can fundamentally taint the ability of enjoying the products and services that otherwise we would keep using for a much longer time. Is it possible to evolve support services, and an organizational

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