Jolting Adaptability

The lack of adequate response by so many governments to the pandemic, even when plenty of positive and negative examples were already available from other countries that have been impacted before them, is a sign that maybe the mental models that are applied to the decision making are inadequate. The pandemic is not merely exponential. […]

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What Is The Shape Of The Societies Of The Future?

The nature of the societies that are going to emerge from a strong technological foundation of global communication and economic networks is going to be very different from the cities and nation states of today. We are accustomed to see centralized power, and delegation of decisionmaking, which will be complemented by decentralized organizations nimbly allocating resources to

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Innovation Summit 2017

I was invited to the Innovation Summit 2017 to interview Steve Wozniak, “The Woz”. Here’s the link to the video. Below you can also find the audio of the interview and the transcript     Andrea Poggi: Thank you, Steve. Thank you for coming. Thank you, really. It’s an honor for us that you are

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What is the future made of?

Understanding accelerating change is not easy, but essential if you want to be able to adapt to an ever more complex world. The future is made of exponential technologies, and created by the people who are capable of leveraging them. Get your tickets for the SingularityU Italy Summit 2017 to participate in a two day exploration of

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