Jolting Decentralization

Technological change not only accelerates. It is jolting. What are the consequences of this jolting technological change? Several years ago, I concluded decentralization was the unstoppable consequence across many different sectors. I could see that new technologies were leading in the same direction.I published. at the time the Network Society Manifesto and the Fundamental Thesis […]

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Jolting Space!

Jolting technologies provide such a disruptive advantage, that the ability to apply them across different fields, cross contaminating and taking advantage of the increasing rate of acceleration, is irresistible. SpaceX is designing, prototyping and testing a new generation of spacecraft called Starship. Starship serial number 8, SN8, flew to the altitude of 12.5 kilometres just

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Fragmenting Reality

What are the consequences of the paradigm of jolting technologies, the increasing rate of acceleration of technological change? For an increasing percentage of people it is represented by the fragmentation of their reality. In order to understand the world, we not only have to collect and analyze data, but act on the changes that are

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Intel Is Jolting

At a recent conference on the future of electronics manufacturing, the Chief Architect of Intel, Raja Koduri, presented a compelling picture for delivering a 1000 times increase in the power of AI systems by 2025. He counts on the ecosystem of third parties, as well as Intel’s engineering prowess, to achieve a 4x improvement in

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Nurturing Curiosity

We have to maintain and nurture the curiosity we naturally exhibited as children. Even if we are bombarded by messages that want us to conform, from schools that impose uniform behaviors and learning rhythms, to workplaces that put us in specific boxes both physically and in measuring our inputs, our individuality and the different ways

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Jolting AI

Between 2012 and 2018 the power of the infrastructure available for applications in artificial intelligence increased over three hundred thousand times. If it followed Moore’s law, it would have been much less, around 7 times or so. Stanford University in its 2019 report on AI, and in a blog post OpenAI analyzed and illustrated this

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Technology Adoption

The rate of technology adoption changes based on individual preferences and social norms. Accelerating and jolting technologies force an increasing rate of adoption, that put a pressure on individuals and societies to confront the limits that they imposed on themselves. But technology is so useful, that even those who hate it, use it. The precautionary

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Jolting Technologies

There is a paradigm shift moving from accelerating technological change to jolting technological change. What is a jolt? The jolt is the measure of the rate of change of acceleration. Imagine a rocket. The engines are at full power, and the rocket brings on board both its propellant and its oxidant. As they chemically combine

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