Defi: Inclusive Opportunity for a New Finance

Modern finance’s powerful tools, but also just simple lending and borrowing are unavailable to billions of people. Decentralized finance, or DeFi is a new generation of technologies that aims to eliminate inefficiencies, and emancipate billions of people with the help of modern finance. DeFi emerged over the course of the past few years, mainly based

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El Bitcoinado

When European explorers were conquering the South American continent, they were looking for the mythical city of El Dorado. Now “El Bitcoinado” is going to be the real opportunity for a new kind of economic revolution after El Salvador approved legislation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. This will come into force 90 days after

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BitClout is the Next Generation of Social Networks

In the world of Blockchain, we periodically have waves of enthusiasm and innovation, where new ways of implementing and leveraging this technology is explored by an increasing number of people: developers, investors, users, experimenters of all kinds. BitClout as of today is barely 2 weeks old, but already about 100,000 people signed up to play

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Jolting Space!

Jolting technologies provide such a disruptive advantage, that the ability to apply them across different fields, cross contaminating and taking advantage of the increasing rate of acceleration, is irresistible. SpaceX is designing, prototyping and testing a new generation of spacecraft called Starship. Starship serial number 8, SN8, flew to the altitude of 12.5 kilometres just

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