The Internet of Things

For the past several decades we have been digitizing our information flow, and lately we have started digitizing the world at large interconnecting things that are digital by themselves, and are able to act on the world. This complementary network of networks is the Internet of Things, which is now poised to change the world. […]

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Intelligence Augmentation

Intelligence augmentation is the ability to complement our biological natural faculties of reasoning with new ones based on cultural and technological advances. Even something as fundamental as speaking, and understanding speech is not entirely just biological. From speech, to writing, the printing press, and electronic communications, the process has been long and important. It vastly

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We Are All Ambiverts

The labels of extrovert and introvert represent the extremes of a spectrum. In reality we are all ambiverts, dynamically adjusting our filters as needed. Communicating, whether creating output speaking or writing, or input through listening and reading, requires both cognitive effort and physical energy. It is a necessary component of our lives. When we are

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Conversational Interfaces Must Be Interoperable

  How can we invest the time to teach our devices about ourselves without getting locked in the solutions of a single vendor? Interoperability of conversational interfaces, centered on the user, with strong support for exporting preferences and personalizations is necessary before they can become widespread. The various operating systems are all moving towards conversational

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