Intelligence Augmentation

Intelligence augmentation is the ability to complement our biological natural faculties of reasoning with new ones based on cultural and technological advances. Even something as fundamental as speaking, and understanding speech is not entirely just biological. From speech, to writing, the printing press, and electronic communications, the process has been long and important. It vastly […]

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We Are All Ambiverts

The labels of extrovert and introvert represent the extremes of a spectrum. In reality we are all ambiverts, dynamically adjusting our filters as needed. Communicating, whether creating output speaking or writing, or input through listening and reading, requires both cognitive effort and physical energy. It is a necessary component of our lives. When we are

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Liberating Content

The modern production and distribution of content requires updated support mechanisms, starting with the legal layer of copyright agreements. Creative Commons represents an innovative approach of pre-negotiated licenses, where from complete control, to complete release in the public domain, the content creator can decide what is the right set of freedoms to endow to the

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Topic Extraction

Flooded by increasing amounts of data, we need ever more evolved tools to be able to interpret them and to act upon them. Artificial Intelligence tools, based on natural language processing, image recognition using neural networks, and via many other approaches, are assisting us to understand the information, including what we ourselves produce. Today computer

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Dimensions of Knowledge

As we look out on the world, trying to understand it, we structure our knowledge of the information collected, across several dimensions. Spatial, temporal, static, dynamic, and reflect the organization of the information in our theories and experiments. We aim to make them reliable and reproducible, to serve as a firm basis for the implementation

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Data Visualization

Data visualization improves our ability to tell powerful stories about our understanding of the world. Modern tools become platforms for dynamic exploration, allowing anybody to ask novel questions. The best, like Gapminder or Our World In Data, support a strong argument of how fundamentally the human condition has improved worldwide, and effectively counter the daily

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The Context S02E01 Backup And Restore

Backup and Restore

The data we create in our activities, online and offline, constitutes a digital wealth, which we own and which we must preserve. Backing up this data is essential, and being able to use it after restoring it. Online services are now legally obliged to allow you to download your data, and many, like Facebook, Google,

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