Digital Identities: true names, pseudonyms, anonymsse

We are creating digital realities and must enrich them with the kind of features that can benefit us. NFTs are good for objects, but what about ourselves? We have been tracking who we are forever. The basic example is presenting yourself by stating your name to someone while shaking their hand. We have also developed […]

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Digital Biology

Probably the most important immediate benefit that you can derive from digital biology, is the mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. This has been developed, tested. and then produced based on our increased knowledge about what is the digital basis of biology, and how it works. But there are many other benefits as well: from understanding your

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You are a transhuman. The very definition of the human condition is the necessity to adapt to change. In our current times the pace of change has accelerated, and technology is transforming our world, is transforming us ever more radically. If we didn’t change with technology, we would not survive. From cooking food with fire,

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Digital Governance

In the 21st century, all regulations and all governance should either be or aim to be digital, as soon as possible. What does that mean? What are the implications? What is the context of regulations and governance being digital? We went through digital transformations many times. It started with the first computers in the fifties

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A Network of Ideas Evolves Local Solutions into Global Ones

We built interconnected platforms that span the globe – of communications, trade, culture and language. Millions of people already use them to develop and test solutions to problems about which they are passionate. There are unbounded opportunities. Soon there will be billions empowered by these tools and emancipated to deploy them for the betterment of

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