Open Source Fighting COVID-19

Society wants to incentivise creativity and private enterprise. Copyrights patents and trademarks have emerged as a protection of what we today call intellectual property. There are plenty of examples when these serve a useful purpose, however excessive extensions to the expiration of copyright as well as harmful patent trolls show the negative side of this …

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Everyday neuroplasticity

Your brain is surprisingly adaptable, and capable of taking advantage of new conditions it is exposed to. Simple sensorial experiments in vision, motion, and auditory input allow you to reveal the unexpected consequences of neuroplasticity. Can the changes that we induce provide clues for better memory, faster learning, and higher degrees of intelligence? The following …

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Genome Surgery: Extraordinary And Imminent

Biology is becoming digital at an accelerated pace. The latest techniques are making it possible to as easily manipulate our genes via CAG (Computer Aided Genetics) tools as designing a building with CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems. The more and more sophisticated approaches have recently been upgraded through CRISPR. A new word with which all …

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