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Scaling Consulting

What are you selling? A product or service that are the embodiment of your ideas: then you are an entrepreneur. The resources needed to enable entrepreneurs, money: then you are an investor. The expertise that you earned with time, and your time itself: then you are an employee, if dependent on others, or a consultant […]

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Open Live Pitching of Startups to Investors

Startups meet investors pitching their projects, using a presentation deck to illustrate the challenge they want to solve, the solution they want to implement, and several other elements of a successful presentation. The process and the structure of these meetings has been often unclear to startups, and in today’s world need to adapt to a

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Society Has The Most To Lose By Disrespecting Privacy

Today’s debate in society about the right balance between privacy and security is extremely misguided. The assumption is that society cannot afford privacy because it would jeopardize security, but it turns out that privacy is not only an advantage to the individual. It is an essential component of adaptable communities that need to recognize evolving

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Streaming African solar energy in your Bitcoin wallet worldwide

The Sun Exchange is a marketplace where you can purchase solar cells and have them power businesses and communities in the sunniest locations on earth, earning decades of income backed by the power of the sun. You lease solar cells purchased through The Sun Exchange to hospitals, factories, schools and other end-users, earning you decades of solar

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Scaling decentralization

What are the consequences of exponential technologies? Can we imagine the transformation of our socio-economic organization if we take them for granted? Originally observed in information technology, accelerating change is now impacting a very wide range of areas of our society. In a globally connected world, where ideas spread rapidly, passion and creativity can be

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Making Makers

Inspiring and catalyzing creativity worldwide, Mark Hatch has been instrumental in jumpstarting the Maker Movement. He has now joined Network Society Ventures as a General Partner, leveraging his knowledge, skills, and passion to invest together with us in a new generation of startups. The opportunity to transform your ideas into reality is so powerful, that

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