Superhuman Health

On the healthcare panel at the Frontiers of Interaction conference I spoke about the power of artificial intelligence to keep us healthy and help doctors heal us. A few years ago it was said, even by the experts, that there are easy things for computers, for example playing chess, and others that are difficult such as recognizing images, like distinguishing …

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Talking AI into the night

  At Singularity University (SU) the alumni reunions allow every year to catch up, not only with the projects that each of us is working on, but also through the faculty updates, the breathtaking speed with which the various fields are changing. The event, during the weekend right after the Graduate Studies Program’s (GSP) closing ceremony, …

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On Becoming A Cyborg

When I implanted an NFC chip in my left hand about two months ago at the Singularity University Summit Europe in Amsterdam, I followed the tradition of our species that a hundred thousand years or more ago decided to become a cyborg. The NFC chip, sold through the aptly named Dangerous Things website, is embedded …

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The Singularity Arrives in Europe, Streaming Live

Originally published in KuzweilAI News On Saturday, March 5, for the first time, a Singularity-related event will be held in Europe — at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy. Produced by Milan-based research institute iLabs(Wikipedia page here), the one-day, free iLabs Singularity Summit (not affiliated with the Singularity Institute’s Singularity Summit) will feature speeches …

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Liveblogging the Singularity Summit 2007 – Day Two – afternoon

During the lunch R.U. Sirius interviewed Kevin Kelly. I am looking forward to listen to that podcast soon. 13.06 Michael Lindsay X-Prize Foundation shows a video on the X Prize Foundation, which funded the prize for private space travel won by Burt Rutan’s SpaceShip One team. The foundation is expanding in new areas and Michael …

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Liveblogging the Singularity Summit 2007 – Day One – morning

We got the power supply issues solved, and the wifi is also now working well thanks to the great help from the organizers. 09.40 Peter Thiel, Clarium Capital introducing the Summit: “The 21st Century is going to be far more greater, and/or far more terrible then the 20th Century. We are here to make sure …

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Singularity on the front page

The ‘San Francisco Chronicle‘ has a front page article dedicated to the Singularity Summit, entitled “When Machines Think“. Is it a good thing when a meme enters the mainstream? Is the meme of Singularity ready for the exposure?