Universal Basic Income

Has the time come for universal basic income from being a niche initiative that only a few people have understood and embraced, to be deployed everywhere? Basic income initiatives have enjoyed experimentation all over the world over the course of the past 10 years. And with the pandemic, they have seen a decisive acceleration and […]

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Young Disruption

What is the right age to introduce children to the disruptions hitting our society? Shouldn’t we, rather than talking to executives or people who are founding startups actually target high schoolers or even earlier, children in elementary school? They would then understand the power of exponential technologies and what is happening in society sooner rather

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Dangerous Demagoguery

Our decreasing ability to interpret the world makes us insecure, anguished, and vulnerable. If we meet somebody who says “Don’t worry. Yes, there are a lot of things that you don’t know. The world is dangerous, but I have the answers. It doesn’t matter how complex the world appears. I have simple answers to the problems that you

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Society Has The Most To Lose By Disrespecting Privacy

Today’s debate in society about the right balance between privacy and security is extremely misguided. The assumption is that society cannot afford privacy because it would jeopardize security, but it turns out that privacy is not only an advantage to the individual. It is an essential component of adaptable communities that need to recognize evolving

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Blockchain Technology And Decentralized Governance

In a context of exponential technological development, old centralized models of governance may be outdated. Opportunity may come from a new trend towards decentralization, which allows organizations facing global challenges to trial a range of novel solutions adapted to local contexts. In this perspective, what might be the role of the United Nations? It could

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YPO London 2017

I was part of the panel at the YPO Conference in London on November. Here’s the audio and the transcript of my talk.     Making sense of the themes, the technologies, the changes that we are presenting to you is definitely not easy. It’s our objective to give you not only information, but really

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Becoming A World Citizen With Bitnation

The new decentralized structures of social organization allow memberships not based on exclusive geographical criteria. As we experiment with what is possible, there are fundamental differences with how socio-economic transformations happen today compared to the past: they are necessarily more peaceful in a world full of nuclear weapons, and they are software-driven as we enter

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