Methods and Tools for Learning in the 21st Century

Learning not only the pieces of knowledge, but the additional tools that are dearly needed in order to be active, thriving components in today’s and tomorrow’s society is key. Evidently, current academic and educational institutions are not up to the job, while gamification, Learn to Earn and other components in moving to a decentralized system […]

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The Internet of Things

For the past several decades we have been digitizing our information flow, and lately we have started digitizing the world at large interconnecting things that are digital by themselves, and are able to act on the world. This complementary network of networks is the Internet of Things, which is now poised to change the world.

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Policies and Monopolies

When new technologies emerge, it is always an important question: what can we do for the market to fully express itself? If regulators need to intervene in order to make sure that the market is healthy, with a plurality of players competing in order to provide the best possible service to those that use the

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Have you ever inspired the greatest villain in history? I did, apparently

In 2010 when I organized the H+ Summit conference at Harvard University, together with my friend Alex Lightman, I would not have imagined that it would be a key event in the history of Inferno. Instead it seems that, according to the protagonists of the book, the villain of the story got his ideas at the conference. On Saturday,

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Exponential legislation

Long election cycles, and slow legislation are a natural part of representative democracy, and are inadequate to the needs of a world that is rapidly changing. Analyzing, proposing, discussing, approving, implementing measuring and updating laws and regulations must be possible today using technologies with orders of magnitude finer grained feedback than previously. Invited by Intergruppo

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Something new? AIs and us

It is tempting to align oneself with the wisdom of the “nihil novum sub sole” (there is nothing new under the sun) stance. But once in a while there are truly new things around us, and it is crucially important to recognize them and to be able to properly understand them. The forthcoming era of

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Google offers downloadable books!

Regardless of the still outstanding legal issues raised by publishers protecting their existing business models, Google is forging ahead quickly in making its Book Search initiative more and more useful. As reported by Bloomberg, based on an email exchange with Google, they have just added the possibility to download full copies of books that are

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