Quieting the Busy Mind

I lived alone for three months while my wife was in Seoul, for the first time in 40 years.  In today’s world we receive a constant stimulation of inputs, and requests for outputs, in the search for efficiency, and the effort of reaching our goals. Without trying, I unexpectedly discovered how much I enjoy solitude, and […]

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Serendipity is our ability to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in front of us. Mistakenly serendipity is associated with luck, but that is not the case. Our senses and our ability to perceive the world have evolved in a very precise manner to find the fine balance between the maximum amount of information

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We Are All on Mars

Isn’t it fantastic? We are all on Mars! Yes, you too! You cannot directly feel the wind of the thin atmosphere on your hand in the freezing temperature. You cannot feel the lack of oxygen by breathing in the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere or jump high under weak gravity at the red Sunrise over the

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You are a transhuman. The very definition of the human condition is the necessity to adapt to change. In our current times the pace of change has accelerated, and technology is transforming our world, is transforming us ever more radically. If we didn’t change with technology, we would not survive. From cooking food with fire,

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Blinded by our senses?

In a full scale labyrinth representing the center of Athens, in absolute darkness, I spent an hour with a blind guide discovering what it means to not to see, at “Dialogue in the Dark”. The challenges and the curious and the deep discoveries that one can make in this adventure are enlightening. We take for

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