Serendipity is our ability to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in front of us. Mistakenly serendipity is associated with luck, but that is not the case. Our senses and our ability to perceive the world have evolved in a very precise manner to find the fine balance between the maximum amount of information […]

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Learn to Earn

What is the value of knowledge? And how can you both acquire and then deploy knowledge in order to leverage that value, create more knowledge, create more value in a wonderful, virtuous circle? That is the basis of civilization. It has been important but difficult to measure what you could actually do with the knowledge

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Nations Evolve, too

We build societies based on the technologies that we have available, on the social contract that we can articulate expressing the mutual interest that we have in order to achieve our goals, and the ability to structure these goals in a way that reinforces the particular unit that the society encompasses. In this way, societies

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Fragmenting Reality

What are the consequences of the paradigm of jolting technologies, the increasing rate of acceleration of technological change? For an increasing percentage of people it is represented by the fragmentation of their reality. In order to understand the world, we not only have to collect and analyze data, but act on the changes that are

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Intel Is Jolting

At a recent conference on the future of electronics manufacturing, the Chief Architect of Intel, Raja Koduri, presented a compelling picture for delivering a 1000 times increase in the power of AI systems by 2025. He counts on the ecosystem of third parties, as well as Intel’s engineering prowess, to achieve a 4x improvement in

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The names and labels that we give to things, allow us to concentrate our attention on their nature, guided by the intuition and the associations that the name elicits, as every name represents an analogy, or a metaphor to another object or a concept. In reality, it is an interesting chain of cultural heritage. And

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Sustaining Sustainability

The ideal of sustainability can’t be seen as a static goal, which represents the end of our efforts, once reached. In practice, all complex systems need to constantly adjust their parameters to support themselves in their changing environment. And in the process, their components will change, and evolve. If from the point of view of

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Nurturing Curiosity

We have to maintain and nurture the curiosity we naturally exhibited as children. Even if we are bombarded by messages that want us to conform, from schools that impose uniform behaviors and learning rhythms, to workplaces that put us in specific boxes both physically and in measuring our inputs, our individuality and the different ways

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