Learn to Earn

What is the value of knowledge? And how can you both acquire and then deploy knowledge in order to leverage that value, create more knowledge, create more value in a wonderful, virtuous circle? That is the basis of civilization. It has been important but difficult to measure what you could actually do with the knowledge

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Jolting Decentralization

Technological change not only accelerates. It is jolting. What are the consequences of this jolting technological change? Several years ago, I concluded decentralization was the unstoppable consequence across many different sectors. I could see that new technologies were leading in the same direction.I published. at the time the Network Society Manifesto and the Fundamental Thesis

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Your Home the Spaceship

Is thinking of your home as a spaceship a useful maybe even practical metaphor? As we execute carefully planned Extra Vehicular Activities (EVAs: the weekly grocery shopping in masks and gloves), our account of inputs and outputs and the circular nature of flows of our homes may become clear.  And realizing how that works in

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What do you do when you have to speak at two conferences in distant cities at the same time? If you are me, you hire a mime, and stick an iPad on his head, to be your remote body. Telepresence helps in many ways, amplifying our interactions through space and time. From robotic surgeries, to

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Lecture at CSIM: “A New Metaphor For The Digital Divide”

Mixed reality enters the time axis, as I am holding a lecture at the California School of International Management while being physically there, after having held a seminar remotely, which apparently they liked! This time we are going to talk about “A New Metaphor For The Digital Divide”. The lecture will be delivered via Mogulus

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