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Interview about the Singularity

I’ll be speaking at a conference in the Italian city of Roverero about the Technological Singularity and I have been interviewed for a local newspaper L’Adige. The following is a slightly edited translation of the interview. “Artificial Intelligence, the New Renaissance”By Laura Modena David Orban will be the special guest at the festival “Informatici senza […]

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Jolting Dynamics at NVIDIA’s Announcements

NVIDIA’s recent keynote at Computex 2023 in Taiwan showcased the power of Jolting Technologies, demonstrating the increasing rate of acceleration in the technological landscape. While exponential growth would result in a straight line on a logarithmic chart, the combination of hardware, data, and algorithms creates a steeper slope, representing the shortening doubling rate and the

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Don’t be a Zombie, be a Luminary

The sudden availability of advanced Artificial Intelligence platforms forces us to confront not only the evaluation of our own abilities but, even deeper, what it means to be a conscious, self-aware human being. We can explore this from both scientific and philosophical points of view, ultimately drawing practical conclusions. My conclusion and exhortation is simple:

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Petition to reactivate ChatGPT in Italy

I signed the petition to reactivate access to ChatGPT in Italy via The dynamic co-evolution of technology’s progress and its regulation fulfills the needs of society in different ways in different countries. Italy constantly appears to favor a more conservative approach, staying behind and then expecting to be able to catch up. In times of

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AI Progress Can’t be Stopped but Must be Managed

AI is experiencing jolting change, with advancements such as ChatGPT and GPT4, but there are limits to individual and organizational adaptability. I was invited to sign an open letter that asks to allow for deeper consideration of AI design, implementation, and regulation. Concerns include inherent bias, job displacement, pollution of the info-sphere, loss of trust

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Talking to AIs

We often imagine technology in our science fiction scenarios that is very different from what happens when it becomes available. Today, we are starting to talk about Artificial Intelligence that is not exactly like what was depicted in the Sci-Fi books we were reading decades ago. There has been an explosion of experimentation in the

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Living with Bots

Are you worried about bots, and spam accounts and fake accounts on the various social media platforms? You could decide that this worry should be translated into some kind of eradication of the bots problem, but I want to argue that the opposite is true. We must welcome bots, and learn to live together with

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