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Permeable Business Models

Can businesses adapt to exponential changes rapidly enough with their own internal resources? With ecommerce, for example, they had literally a decade or two to internalize the capabilities. Even so, companies like Walmart wasted billions of dollars getting things wrong, and they were lucky, at least for the moment, to have had the time to …

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The Challenges of Abundance

Many of us barely realize, but the abundance that our society is able to provide is creating problems that we have to address, similarly to how we have addressed problems of scarcity in the past. The most fundamental scarcity or abundance that we know and recognize readily is that of food. Humanity’s history has been …

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Glorious Times

We live in glorious times. 1000 years from now people will look back and wonder: “How was it to live in the 21st century?” Did we realize what we were going through and how fundamental the decisions that we made would be seen in the future? There are unique moments in history that we recognize …

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Is Space Tourism Worth it?

With the launch of the suborbital flights of Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin there have been a lot of online and offline conversations around how society should look at these initiatives, positively or negatively. They do represent a good example to evaluate the interactions and the implications of allocating private wealth, and driving a common …

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Amazing Block’s Podcast: TOKENIZING EVERYTHING!

I was interviewed for Amazing Block’s Podcast called “TOKENIZING EVERYTHING!” about accelerating Blockchain adoption. Below you can find the video and the transcription: HostWelcome to the 34th episode of Tokenizing Everything, our weekly interview series with thought leaders in the blockchain industry. Today’s guest is David Orban, managing advisor at Beyond Enterprizes. Before we begin, …

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Defi: Inclusive Opportunity for a New Finance

Modern finance’s powerful tools, but also just simple lending and borrowing are unavailable to billions of people. Decentralized finance, or DeFi is a new generation of technologies that aims to eliminate inefficiencies, and emancipate billions of people with the help of modern finance. DeFi emerged over the course of the past few years, mainly based …

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