Bitcoin Doesn’t Care

Does Bitcoin matter? Does Bitcoin care? What do you think about it? The President of the United States believes that Bitcoin indeed matters. He labeled it a potential threat to the national security of the United States of America. I don’t think that Bitcoin cares about what the President of the United States thinks about […]

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Ukraine Will Win

Russia’s attack against Ukraine in an attempt to invade and control it, is the largest conflict in Europe since World War Two. There are countries that believe to be far enough to be able to ignore it, or to take a balanced stance without taking sides. They are wrong. In today’s globally interconnected world, these

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Agricultural technology

Agriculture is the most fundamental and ancient activity that propelled human civilization as we know it today. Before agriculture, there were modern humans, but they formed groups of hunters and gatherers, and they didn’t build cities or empires. Agriculture is perceived by many as a very conservative activity. However, it has been over time characterized

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I recently visited the country of Andorra, which is a microstate between Spain and France. Through its thousand years history of being independent, Andorra has learned how to navigate complex and delicate situations. Fifty years ago it greatly increased its population and wealth, through finance commerce and tourism. Today it must face the challenge of

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Exponential legislation

Long election cycles, and slow legislation are a natural part of representative democracy, and are inadequate to the needs of a world that is rapidly changing. Analyzing, proposing, discussing, approving, implementing measuring and updating laws and regulations must be possible today using technologies with orders of magnitude finer grained feedback than previously. Invited by Intergruppo

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Interviewed on exponentials, implants and mind uploading

The radio transmission Eta Beta of RAI Radio 1 conducted by Massimo Cerofolini talked about transhumanism in the episode entitled L’ultima sfida dei padroni della Rete: l’immortalità (The ultimate challenge of masters of the Web: Immortality),aired May 28, 2015. I talked, interviewed on Singularity University, on the radical life extension and the mind uploading. Massimo

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