Digital Biology

Probably the most important immediate benefit that you can derive from digital biology, is the mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. This has been developed, tested. and then produced based on our increased knowledge about what is the digital basis of biology, and how it works. But there are many other benefits as well: from understanding your […]

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The Future of Work

An idea that is big, valuable, and also important. Sometimes an idea is both big, and valuable, and also important: this has been the case for Alex Torrenegra, who created Torre, in the $1 trillion global market of HR technology, where still four billion people of working age are without any digital support for their

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Thinking the Unthinkable

Even if you are not a science fiction author, you are now living in a science fictional world, where your daily life is unthinkable. If you were to meet yourself from four months ago, and give updates, even in vague terms about today, you would not believe what you are hearing. However, in a new

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Your Home the Spaceship

Is thinking of your home as a spaceship a useful maybe even practical metaphor? As we execute carefully planned Extra Vehicular Activities (EVAs: the weekly grocery shopping in masks and gloves), our account of inputs and outputs and the circular nature of flows of our homes may become clear.  And realizing how that works in

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Jolting Adaptability

The lack of adequate response by so many governments to the pandemic, even when plenty of positive and negative examples were already available from other countries that have been impacted before them, is a sign that maybe the mental models that are applied to the decision making are inadequate. The pandemic is not merely exponential.

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Join me online at the ExOWorld Digital Summit

Join me online at the ExOWorld Digital Summit on Apr 14-16, organized by @openexo and the #ExOCommunity. Learn more and buy your ticket for just $147 instead of $497 for all three days at the following reserved link: This 3-day virtual summit gathers leading thinkers of our generation to discuss the current global scenario

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Collective Intelligence

We are each day learning more and more, by necessity, about epidemiology, virology, behavioral science, and all the other complex issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our collective intelligence evolves, both at the level of the individual, as well as on the level of our businesses and larger communities, the policies that are being put in

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Our Life In Times of COVID-19

I have been in full lockdown in Italy, outside of Bergamo in the North, which has the highest concentration of infected people and fatal cases, for the past two weeks. The streets are empty. There is no traffic. You can only hear the the birds singing, as spring is here, and sound of sirens of the ambulances

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