Digital Identities: true names, pseudonyms, anonymsse

We are creating digital realities and must enrich them with the kind of features that can benefit us. NFTs are good for objects, but what about ourselves? We have been tracking who we are forever. The basic example is presenting yourself by stating your name to someone while shaking their hand. We have also developed […]

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Becoming a Grandfather

A month ago, I became a grandfather. I am very happy! This is the start of what I would call the completion of my genetic duty. Congratulations to Jacopo and Sara, and welcome Emily! The role of grandparents plays an important foundation in human society. It frees up the parents either for a precious few

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Digital Reality

Something amazing is happening: we are in the process of designing and deploying the tools that enable us to completely change how we define reality.  We are augmenting what we used to call reality and extending the limits of the possible. The physical reality around you used to be your village, maybe 20 kilometers in

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Programmable infrastructure

As we develop smart infrastructures for our societies, it will be necessary and natural to make them programmable. The programmability of agile and upgradeable platforms leads to resilient ecosystems of applications. The APIs, application programmer interfaces, must be developed with security in mind, so that this new generation of infrastructure can’t be exploited by malicious

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Dangerous Demagoguery

Our decreasing ability to interpret the world makes us insecure, anguished, and vulnerable. If we meet somebody who says “Don’t worry. Yes, there are a lot of things that you don’t know. The world is dangerous, but I have the answers. It doesn’t matter how complex the world appears. I have simple answers to the problems that you

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Technology generates the society of the future

In an interview with Bruno Ruffilli for TuttoScienze of La Stampa, we talked about how technological progress can generate new degrees of freedom. “Technology, a misunderstood friend” Orban: it’s generating the society of the future by Bruno Ruffilli David Orban, 53, Hungarian, is a teacher at the Singularity University, which assists companies in the path

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