AI’s Astonishing Progress

What are the highlights of Artificial Intelligence development in the past year or so? I define Artificial Intelligence as a Jolting Technology. Rather than a constant rate of doubling, like the two years of Moore’s Law, AI progresses with a shrinking rate of doubling. Its rate of acceleration is increasing. Stanford University with Open AI a […]

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Amazing Block’s Podcast: TOKENIZING EVERYTHING!

I was interviewed for Amazing Block’s Podcast called “TOKENIZING EVERYTHING!” about accelerating Blockchain adoption. Below you can find the video and the transcription: HostWelcome to the 34th episode of Tokenizing Everything, our weekly interview series with thought leaders in the blockchain industry. Today’s guest is David Orban, managing advisor at Beyond Enterprizes. Before we begin,

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Jolting Decentralization

Technological change not only accelerates. It is jolting. What are the consequences of this jolting technological change? Several years ago, I concluded decentralization was the unstoppable consequence across many different sectors. I could see that new technologies were leading in the same direction.I published. at the time the Network Society Manifesto and the Fundamental Thesis

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Jolting Creativity

Innovation is necessary for the progress of our civilization and invention is necessary in order to be able to generate new kinds of innovation. The first is the improvement of an existing process. The second is about starting on a completely novel path. We can take a look at the creativity that leads to the

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Tools for Resilience

In this past year we have learned how important it is to be resilient. The tools that we can apply in order to build the skills that improve our resilience and adaptability, that improve the probability of being able to cope with the various conditions and the situations that surround are of crucial importance. There

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Jolting Space!

Jolting technologies provide such a disruptive advantage, that the ability to apply them across different fields, cross contaminating and taking advantage of the increasing rate of acceleration, is irresistible. SpaceX is designing, prototyping and testing a new generation of spacecraft called Starship. Starship serial number 8, SN8, flew to the altitude of 12.5 kilometres just

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Intelligence Augmentation

Intelligence augmentation is the ability to complement our biological natural faculties of reasoning with new ones based on cultural and technological advances. Even something as fundamental as speaking, and understanding speech is not entirely just biological. From speech, to writing, the printing press, and electronic communications, the process has been long and important. It vastly

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Fragmenting Reality

What are the consequences of the paradigm of jolting technologies, the increasing rate of acceleration of technological change? For an increasing percentage of people it is represented by the fragmentation of their reality. In order to understand the world, we not only have to collect and analyze data, but act on the changes that are

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